French sociologist and philosopher Pierre Bourdieu is one of the most prominent researchers of cultural reproduction; he suggested a wide explanation of the operation of educational mechanisms which influence reproduction. In this discussion post, we would like to mention that studying the content of the phenomenon is useful for most areas of social, political, and economic life.

Cultural reproduction as a part of the socialization processes is directly related to moral values and priorities; it determines them and influences the realization of a person as an individual. This later plays a great role in family life and even creates the perception of the world.

According to one of the theories, cultural reproduction is that foundation of social progress, which makes it possible for creativity to pass from one generation to another, thus ensuring constant development in all spheres of society.

In addition, the concept of cultural reproduction was a matter of interest for social scientists such as US researchers M.Bowles and H.Gintis who carried out researches in the field of education. They argue that schools impose standards of behavior, values, and discipline rules; at the same time, teachers’ authority focuses students' attention on coursework leaving no space for alternative. This argument directly indicates that school system is one of the reproducers of cultural traditions and norms, which determine the process of cultural reproduction. The issue was also popularized by A. Giddens, the British sociologist, who described this concept in various ways focusing not only on the analysis of the concepts by P. Burdye.

Today, despite the great interest of sociologists, the problem of cultural reproduction is still relevant because of the wide field of the concept application. The examination of the latter is connected with numerous spheres of life so that the research should be started from the realization of the importance of considering the wide range of possible latent features of the human socialization

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